I created the Qutilz npm package 📦 for reducing the amount of time it takes a developer to setup a unit test (spec) file when there’s a need for some pre-req dependencies setup as well.

I see qutilz as an opinionated specs template generator for quick unit-tests setup including dependencies…

In this post I’ll quickly walk throw the process of re-implementing a dummy query lang parser written in Typescript. The new implementation is in Rust.

A parser combinator is a higher-order function that accepts several parsers as input and returns a new parser as its output.

When building our parser…

This image is an artwork of a great album of “Queens Of The Stoneage”

In this post I intend to share with you the way I choose to deal with errors on a project I lead and the functional API I choose to expose to my users.

Approaching errors is a critical part when designing an API, cause eventually the awesome software you wrote…

👊 First post for 2021!

Recently I decided to adopt fp-ts lib on a side project.

What is Fp-ts?

It’s a library that provides abstractions from typed functional languages that makes it easy to apply functional patterns when developing in TypeScript.

My motivation in adopting fp-ts was:

  • I’ve been charmed…

Say hello to tsttgen

A few weeks ago I started to develop a CLI tool in Rust under the name tsttgen which stands for Typescript Test Templates Generator.

In short on tsttgen — my initial motivation was, of course, improving my Rust skills, but the idea behind the tool is…

Let’s create a web component based on a hardware device!

** NOTE: I originally published this post to the Wokwi’s official blog.

In the following post, I will describe my personal experience in making a web component based on a hardware device, as part of contributing to “Wokwi-elements”. …

Lately I’ve been refactoring a huge module in our code base.

Refactor is an expensive process to the organisation, it means that I’m spending my (expensive) time on improving something that already gives value to the field instead of creating new features that will help in selling the product.


Intended for Javascript developers (BUT not just)!

Disclaimer: This post won’t teach you Rust, the motivation is to get you started quickly into WASM using the amazing wasm-pack tooling on top of the intuitive Rusty ecosystem.

Not so long ago I started to get interested in Rust - How did that happen?

There’s a HYPE around WASM…

Let’s cause some reactions and easily share state with just a few lines of code.


Disclaimer: This post won’t teach you the “observer pattern”.

In this quick post I’ll share a use case I had and how I resolved it without importing an external tool.

On one of my side projects, (emulated looper), the view layer (couple of buttons) must update the logic layer whenever…

Enter → Selections. Going under the hood ☕

Care to understand how things work under the hood? if so I assume you already reached out the following Mike Bostock’s (the creator of d3) post from 2013.

The post explains the selections implementation. Tough 2013 seems like a lifetime ago in Javascript, the general concepts are the same.The post…

Liron Hazan

Mom gave *rock&roll* to yah —Frontend Tech Lead@ SentinelOne

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